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Antoine Dunn’s First Time Meeting A Celeb? Stevie Wonder!

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Source: Bryan Steffy / Getty

Meeting any celebrity can be a very intimidating encounter. Meeting the celebrity that is soul legend Stevie Wonder? Well, that’s a level of bragging rights not too many can say they’ve had the pleasure of experiencing!

That’s what put singer-songwriter Antoine Dunn in a category reserved for only a select lucky few. Thankfully, he’s here to tell us all about it for this week’s segment of “My First Time.”



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While the two now appear to be on ‘buddy-buddy’ terms based on the photo seen above, Dunn tells us how his first encounter with the 25-time GRAMMY winner almost felt too good to be true…literally! We’ll let him tell it though as it sounds best coming straight from the source. Overall though, it stands as a great story that will make you smile while also being a great reminder that someone is always out there rooting for you even when you’re not always rooting for yourself.

Learn a valuable lesson (and get a good Stevie Wonder tale!) in this week’s “My First Time” with Antoine Dunn below:


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