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Biden is Ready to Take on Trump & More

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1. Mr. Biden Ready to Take on His “Predecessor”

ATLANTA, USA - MARCH 9: President Joe Biden speaks to a crowd a


Mr. Biden Ready to Take on His “Predecessor”


What You Need to Know: 


Described as fiery and highly political, President Biden’s constitutionally-mandated State of the Union Address, was both a look back at his first three years and a preview of the future-a campaign kickoff along with a presentation of plans for the next year. 

In his Thursday night address, President possessed an energy that many critics, Democrats and Republicans alike, said was lacking. Mr. Biden went on the attack against Republicans both in that room and watching in Florida, his “predecessor,” and presumed opponent, Donald Trump. 

“History is watching….History is watching, just like history watched three years ago on January 6th,” Mr. Biden said. 

“Insurrectionists stormed this very Capitol and placed a dagger at the throat of American democracy.

2. Nigeria Nears Painful Anniversary as More Kidnappings are Reported

Nigeria flag. Flag icon. Standard color. Standard size. A rectangular flag. Computer illustration. Digital illustration. Vector illustration.


Nigeria Nears Painful Anniversary as More Kidnappings are Reported


What You Need to Know:


Hundreds of women and children are believed to have been kidnapped in Nigeria. The United Nations and local authorities report that an estimated 200 people disappeared from an area terrorized by the extremist group Boko Haram March 1. 

Thursday, there was a separate event, hundreds of miles from the March 1 kidnappings. According to local media, at least 100 students were kidnapped from a local school. Residents reported that “local bandits” were responsible. 

NPR reports, “The West African nation has been struggling to contain the kidnapping epidemic for a number of years now. More than 3,600 people were abducted between July 2022 and June 2023, according to Nigeria based SBM Intelligence group. But the actual number could be far higher, as many people do not report kidnappings for fear of reprisals.” 

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3. Life’s Essential 8 by American Heart Association

In this photo illustration an American Heart Association...


Life’s Essential 8 by American Heart Association


What You Need to Know:


Life’s Essential 8 are the key measures for improving and maintaining cardiovascular health, as defined by the American Heart Association. Better cardiovascular health helps lower the risk for heart disease, stroke and other major health problems.

Life’s Essential 8 comprises two major areas:
Health Behaviors and Health Factors


1. Be More Active
2. Quit Tobacco
3. Get Healthy Sleep
4. Manage Weight
5. Control Cholesterol
6. Manage Blood Sugar
7. Manage Blood Pressure

Learn more about all 8 at Heart.org. (READ MORE)

4. Officer Arrests Black Woman After She Calls Out His Racism

Handscuffs at Night with Red and Blue Light


Officer Arrests Black Woman After She Calls Out His Racism




What You Need to Know:


Twyla Stallworth, a 40-year-old Black woman from Andalusia, Alabama, was arrested on February 24 after calling out an officer on his blatant racism.

Stallworth made multiple calls to police complaining about her neighbor’s loud music. When officers failed to follow up on the complaints, Stallworth purposely set off her car alarm to get her neighbor’s attention. Her neighbor then complained about the car alarm and an officer showed up to respond to her neighbor’s complaint.

According to Stallworth’s attorneys, Officer Grant Barton threatened to cite and arrest Stallworth for the car alarm, but “did nothing to address her multiple complaints.” That’s when Stallworth “pointed out the disparity as Barton was returning to [his] police cruiser suggesting it was racially motivated,” the attorneys said.

Barton then approached Stallworth’s front porch and asked for her identification as Stallworth’s 18-year-old son began recording the encounter.

5. Are You Saved?



Are You Saved?



What You Need to Know:


First of all, let’s define SALVATION.  Salvation is the state of being saved.  It is deliverance from the consequences of sin.  Now, that doesn’t mean you won’t reap what you sow. That just means that anyone who has repented and made peace with God shouldn’t fear death. Some people think that once they become saved, they will no longer experience trials and tribulations. Not so. You will still go through some things. You will still be under attack by the enemy, because he’s going to do everything he can to get you back into his grips. Watch your back. He’s a snake, for real, and will use anybody and anything to get you back.  


So how do we get saved? Pray the Prayer of Salvation, which is:


“Lord Jesus, I repent of my sins and surrender my life. Wash me clean. I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, that He died on the cross for my sins and rose again on the third day for my victory. I believe that in my heart and make confession with my mouth, that Jesus is my Savior and Lord. I receive eternal life, in Jesus name, Amen.”


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