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Breaking Barriers: HBCU Talents Shine in the 2024 NFL Draft

Davius Richard - Football - North Carolina Central University Athletics

As anticipation builds for the 2024 NFL Draft, a spotlight shines brightly on players from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). These athletes have distinguished themselves on the gridiron and are now poised to transition their exceptional skills to the National Football League. 

Davius Richard

Davius Richard, the dynamic quarterback from North Carolina Central, exemplifies the essence of a dual-threat QB with his remarkable ability to impact the game both through the air and on the ground. Throughout his college career, Richard has not only posted impressive stats but also demonstrated leadership qualities that make him a prime candidate for NFL teams seeking a versatile and effective leader.

Leadership and Dual-Threat Capability

Davius Richard’s tenure at North Carolina Central was highlighted by his dual-threat capabilities, which have set him apart as a standout player. His robust leadership and substantial production on the field underscore his readiness for the next level, where his skill set is expected to translate well into the professional game.

Jarveon Howard

Jarveon Howard, the powerful running back from Alcorn State, originally transferred from Syracuse, bringing with him an explosive style of play that could make him one of the premier talents to emerge from HBCU football programs. His ability to break tackles and accelerate downfield makes him a compelling prospect for NFL scouts.

Power Running and HBCU Impact

Howard’s time at Alcorn State has been marked by his strong, assertive running style. This trait, combined with his proven track record of high performance, positions him as a potential impact player in the NFL, where his skillset could thrive in a professional offensive setup.

Jeremy Moussa

Jeremy Moussa named Walter Payton Award Finalist - Florida A&M

Quarterback Jeremy Moussa from Florida A&M has been a pivotal figure in his team’s offense, amassing significant passing yards and touchdowns. His arm strength and accuracy have made him a key player to watch, and his potential selection in the NFL Draft could see him bring his considerable talents to a pro offense needing a dependable quarterback.

Passing Prowess and Draft Potential

Moussa’s career stats are a testament to his abilities as a quarterback. His consistent production and pivotal role in Florida A&M’s offense highlight his readiness to take on the challenges of the NFL, making him an attractive option for teams in search of a quarterback who can deliver both in terms of yardage and scoring.

Khalil Baker

Khalil Baker, the defensive back from North Carolina Central, is not only the winner of the Aeneas Williams Award but also a player known for his strong support against the run and his defensive capabilities in pass coverage. Baker’s versatility and defensive acumen have made him one of the top defensive prospects from the HBCU ranks.

Defensive Skillset and Professional Prospects

Baker has demonstrated a keen ability to impact games through his intelligent playmaking in both run support and pass defense. His skills are well-suited to the professional game, where his ability to adapt and perform at a high level will be invaluable.

Tairiq Stewart

Tairiq Stewart, an offensive tackle from North Carolina A&T, has been recognized for his physicality and his effectiveness in protecting the quarterback. His robust play in pass protection suggests that he will be a valuable asset to any NFL team looking to bolster its offensive line.

Physicality and Pass Protection

Stewart’s ability to maintain a strong pocket for his quarterback and his consistent performance in neutralizing defensive threats highlight his preparedness for the professional level. His physicality and technique make him a solid candidate for the draft, particularly for teams seeking to strengthen their offensive line. Most sportsbooks offer prop bets for the NFL Draft, Caesars Sportsbook North Carolina is going to have great promos to take advantage of if you are looking to raise the stakes and add some excitement to the draft or upcoming season.

Jordan Toles

Jordan Toles - Football - Morgan State University Athletics

Jordan Toles, a safety from Morgan State with prior experience at LSU, has made a name for himself with his hard-hitting style and reliable coverage abilities. His transition from LSU to Morgan State did not diminish his impact on the field, as evidenced by his continued excellence in defensive play.

Hard-Hitting Style and Coverage Skills

Toles’ approach to the safety position, characterized by aggressive play and solid coverage, makes him a standout prospect for the NFL. His ability to disrupt offensive plays and contribute to his team’s defensive schemes underscores his potential to succeed at the professional level.

Best of luck to these HBCU Talents!

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