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Chlöe Bailey Talks Sex Appeal, Self-Expression, & Her New Album

Chlöe Bailey Talks Sex Appeal, Self-Expression, & Her New Album

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Chlöe Bailey is getting candid about her sensuality, sexuality, and unapologetic approach to music and style.

In a recent interview with Nylon, the 25-year-old spoke about how some naysayers have accused her of using sex to sell records. Chlöe vehemently disagrees with the sentiment, expressing the importance of being who she is.

“I was always wearing tight stuff and showing my butt,” Chlöe said. “The juxtaposition of my sister and I just diluted it a bit.”

The “In Pieces” star, who slays the new cover, continues sharing how public perceptions have impacted her. Chloe believes some fans have refused to see her grow up.

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Conversely, the singer is well aware of her newfound femininity and confidence.

“People are so used to seeing me as a little girl when I pose in what they would call sexy [outfits], the quickest thing that a lot of haters would like to say is: She has no sex appeal,” Choe shared with Nylon.

Noting her unique perspective and personality, the Bailey sister continued, “That really makes me laugh because it just doesn’t make any sense to me! I mean, I am quirky, but I am sexy at the same time. You can be both!”

Chlöe also sat down with the magazine to discuss details of her upcoming album, “Trouble in Paradise.” Chloe’s fans have anticipated the sophomore LP since she announced its arrival this year at Coachella 2024.

The “Boy Bye” singer says she wrote and recorded most of her new album while on the beautiful beaches of Saint Lucia, where she feels free and liberated in her body. So, there’s no doubt that these carefree, unapologetic vibes will spill into what’s up and coming from the artist.

Chloe Bailey on sexuality: ‘It’s about your inner confidence. When you have that fearlessness, anything will be sexy.’

“It’s kind of fun knowing that, as a woman, I have that kind of power where someone seeing my natural body will cause a lot of conversation,” Chloe shares, speaking about the innate power she’s discovered through her body and her music. “We all have an a$$. We all have privates, titties. I don’t get the hoopla.”

Chloe’s perspective on sensuality and attraction challenges societal norms. She asserts, “Your sexiness doesn’t come from your body parts. It’s from the inside.”

Her confidence is not tied to her physical appearance, as she shares, “Even though my butt is smaller, it’s not about the a$$. It’s about your inner confidence. When you have that fearlessness, anything will be sexy.” This unapologetic approach to her own sensuality and sexuality sends a power message to all those who continue to troll.

The original ChloexHalle star’s Nylon interview is filled with details on her sophomore album and current music and entertainment journey, in addition to insights on the complexities of the industry and the broader societal challenges she faces as a Black female artist.

Chloe’s reflections reveal a profound understanding of resilience, identity, and empowerment. In the face of public scrutiny, industry microaggressions, and competing challenges, Chloe thrives. In the past few months alone, she’s slayed Coachella, starred in campaigns for Core Hydration and Pandora (along with her sister Halle), and is set to star in The Exorcism, hitting theatres today.

Chloe And Halle Bailey Debut Their Partnership With Core Hydration® At The Refreshing Routines Event In New York City On April 30

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As Nylon states, the Bailey sister “stays unbothered.” Sis is booked, busy, beautiful, and blessed – and we love that for her.

Read her full interview here.


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