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Claflin University Vice President Injured In Shooting

ORANGEBURG, S.C. (WIS) – Claflin University identified the victim of a shooting last Wednesday night in Orangeburg as its Vice President for Student Development and Services.

According to an incident report from the Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office, Dr. Leroy A. Durant, Ph.D., was driving home from the university when he was shot in the head.

Durant told police he was driving on Belleville Road when he heard a loud noise while passing Mingo Street. He then started to feel lightheaded and dizzy. He said he drove himself to MUSC in Orangeburg when he noticed blood coming from his head.

The incident also stated the bullet was through and through but did not pierce Durant’s skull. University officials said in a press release Durant was treated for his injuries and was later released.

Claflin University Students felt a sense of shock when they learned of what took place.

“I was really surprised. I was surprised because I literally just saw him right before the situation had happened and not only that, but afterward, and just reading over the email, my heart just starts to drop,” said Kenneth White, III., a Claflin University Sophomore.

“Friends around start telling me he got shot. I was like…. ‘What!’ So after that, I couldn’t do nothing but pray.”

According to the university, Durant has been a Clafflin administrator for more than 22 years. In the press release, the university said Durant’s priorities have always been the safety and welfare of the students. They added the university community, his family and friends are praying for his speedy recovery.

“When we received the information, the students was in shock and worried about Dr. Durant’s health. He played a big figure here at Claflin University. I just want to send him the best regards and prayers. I’ll keep him in my prayers and a speedy recovery,” said Darius Wright, a Claflin University Junior.

The Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office told WIS News 10 they are investigating the shooting.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Dr. Durant and the Claflin University community during this time.

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