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Deion Sanders Drops Rap Verse Alluding To His Stint At Jackson State University

It has been thirty years since Deion Sanders made his iconic debut with “Must Be the Money.” Now known as “Coach Prime,” Sanders recently contributed a verse to a song by artist Yella Beezy, considered “Must Be The Money PT. 2.”

In his verse, Sanders talks about how grateful he is for God’s blessings, and his comfort with fame since his playing days, and also references his time at Jackson State University.

Sanders spent two and a half seasons as the head coach at Jackson State. The former NFL star led the Tigers to an 11-1 record in his first season as head coach in 2021; — an impressive debut season for Sanders and his coaching staff.

In the verse, Sanders raps, “The weight of the people weigh heavy on my shoulder,” Sanders says. “Gave ‘The Sip the blueprint and took the family to Boulder.”

The last bar seems to reference the idea that Deion Sanders provided his former HBCU Jackson State with the blueprint for success before leaving for Colorado, taking his sons Shilo and Sheduer, and his daughter Shelomi with him.

Deion Sanders has frequently shown his love for music, whether by creating his own or associating himself with rap stars like Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross, and others. The musical talent seems to have been passed down to his children as well. Deion Sanders Jr. has been releasing rap songs for years, while also building his media brand. More recently, Shedeur Sanders has also started to dabble in rapping and has released a song called “Perfect Timing.”

Click below to listen to the full track.

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