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DL Hughley Sits Down with President Biden

DL Hughley Show and President Joe Biden Interview

Source: Reach Media / Urban One

On the same day that former President Donald Trump was found guilty of 34 counts of felony charges in his New York host money trial, DL Hughley sat down with President Joe Biden and talked about the work President Biden has been doing, and if he still supports him.



Where I hear a lot of concern from people I talk to all the time is what is at stake for black people, particularly because you’ll hear all the time. This is a this is a monumental election. How important it Is but thIs feels different and there is something at stake. What would you estimate that? 


It’s not a hypervole everything is at stake. Think about it, we brought down the black unemployment, the lowest level it’s ever been. We’ve increased housing, we’ve done a lot, a lot more to do a lot more to do. For example, you know how many black people per person is, you know, a white person, you know, who have diabetes, need insulin? They’re paying 400 bucks a month, if they are a senior. Now, they’re everybody’s paying for in a month, now they’re paying 35. And I’m going to get to apply to everybody in the nation, everybody. No matter what your income is, no matter what your age is. 

We have to take on the corporate greed and it’s affecting people, the neighborhoods I come from, it’s affecting them. For example, you’ll have an overdraft and your check, 50 bucks.. 50 bucks. 30 bucks, depending on your bank. Well, guess what, now it’s 8 bucks by executive order. Same thing on your credit card, you’re over on your credit card limit, they’re charging you 35 bucks for a late fee instead of three bucks 

Looks I mean the reason why which is so high you have an awful lot of the major rent the, the, the major folks who do the renting in America. They can go together and they’re they’re conspiring to keep rents high, they all keep them high. Everybody has to keep them high. 

And you know. So for example, student debt. You know the idea that the Supreme Court told me I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t forgive student debt. I found another way. 



That point I was playing golf with my brother. I beat him Monday, and we’re playing golf and I told him I was coming to talk to the president, he said. Tell him thank you. For me, it’s just having money. And he had taken out a loan, a parent loan, where he could take a loan out. He’d taken a loan out and he had gone to check his Experian. And it was all paid off $58,000. I was unaware of this, but even if you didn’t finish college and you have student loans. 

So when I when, a lot of my audience, I’ll hear about a similar check, but I know three people personally. My Rd. manager, she had $80,000 worth of loans paid off. But I think initially when people thought that it didn’t happen, I think that there was a bit of a backlash where people thought that it was a promise that you didn’t keep. Now, and I think that people obviously were upset. 



Listen, the Supreme Court tried to keep me from it, but here’s the thing. There are two programs that weren’t being run very well that Trump wasn’t paying attention to. One is called if there’s a program where, if you in fact have a student loan but you’re engaged in a public service, you’re a doctor. I mean, a nurse, a firefighter, cop, a school teacher, and you pay your loan for 10 years. After that, it’s all taken away, all of it. 




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