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Half? Iman “Un-Gifting” Teyana’s Condo, Jewelry In Divorce Battle

Half? Iman “Un-Gifting” Teyana’s Condo, Jewelry In Divorce Battle

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Many of us have seen it so many times that we can quote him word-for-word.

Eddie Murphy’s classic 1987 standup special known to the world simply as Raw, the highest-grossing stand-up comedy concert film of all time, includes a particularly standout bit that’s since become known as “HALF.” The Hollywood icon goes on a roll about the concept of women “taking half” from their spouses in the midst of divorce settlements due to the surge in feminism and girl power movement overall arising during the late ’80s.



In 2024, not only have the gender scales shifted on various levels, but it now looks like the fellas are the ones shouting, “Half!” At least that’s what seems to be the case in the scathing hot divorce battle currently brewing between Iman Shumpert and Teyana Taylor. As The Jasmine Brand exclusively reports, Shump is requesting that everything he ever gave Teyana be returned following the dissolution of their relationship, with him even being quoted as stating, “Gimme my jewelry; I’m un-gifting that condo.”

Harsh! Or is he?


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More details behind the matter at hand below, via The Jasmine Brand:

“Regarding custody, the former professional athlete wants a week-on-week-off agreement. However, that may be challenging as their children are minors and Iman Shumpert’s work life takes place outside of Georgia, the state where the kids permanently reside. Several witnesses testified that Teyana Taylor has constantly offered her ex additional time with their daughters, but he’s refused due to his work schedule. He allegedly said a three-day heads-up is not enough notice to offer him extra parenting time.”

In addition to the custody changes, Iman is also dropping a royalty request on Teyana for half of “projects before they were married.” This all comes in the wake of a recent TMZ report (link above) where Iman requested his child support payments be reduced due to their current pay disparities; in short, he’s claiming Teyana makes more than him. However, this recent report sheds light on his alleged $112,500 monthly expenses, ranging from $14,000 eating out and over $14,000 on his Iman Amongst Men podcast to the $6,000 on video production in his music career.

Is this proper procedure when it comes to married folk in the process of un-coupling, or does the idea of “un-gifting” just seem way too petty? See what many are saying on the latest updates in Iman & Teyana’s divorce battle below, and feel free to let us know your thoughts as well:


1. We were actually talking about Teyana and Iman here if i’m not mistaken. It’s not about money for him, it’s about limiting her mobility and achievement.

via @talleyberrybaby

2. I honestly don’t see Iman getting any money from Teyana with all of those court violations.. Especially with him turning off the utilities in the primary residence of their children. Plus he’s already paying child support & don’t even spend enough time with his kids..

via @WickedNFine

3. I think that Teyana and Iman stuff is so disappointing. It’s so sad to me how ugly things can get with somebody after things don’t work out

via @moseason_

4. Teyana & Iman at their divorce meeting

via @CamilleTheMaven

5. i can’t help but laugh at teyana filing anonymously to protect both of them during this dissolution and here iman go being a stupid man so now we know every horrible, private thing about him.

via @ChocolateRain__

6. Men get really nasty when the relationship ends. Iman wanted Teyana to sit at home, then got mad when she wasn’t out making money, then envied her when she got attention, & now he wants the money she made. Raggedy.

via @MatildaWormhood

7. I will never forget how Teyana Taylor did everything in her power to keep her divorce private and even came on the internet asking us to respect her privacy numerous of times and Iman did everything in his power to go against that.


8. I don’t care enough to locate court documents to read but what makes Iman think he’s entitled to Teyana’s premarital royalties.

via @Naija4LifeO

9. They said Teyana Taylor nem would leave Iman Shumpert at home eating noodles while they went out to Ruth Chris She owe him for the Trauma

via @RealFamilyCrete

10. This Teyana n Iman shit is funny because I vividly remember when all of social media wanted to be them and thought they was goals now it’s all so sad n so embarrassing 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭yall we don’t know these ppl in real life !!!!!!!

via @816INDICA

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