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Inspirational Lifestyles: Be Still And Know

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What did you want more than anything else in the world when you were little?  Maybe having a pony or being a princess were the most delightful things you could imagine back then.  What do you yearn for now?  How different are your adult dreams?

We’ve all heard that God loves to answer our prayers and to grant our desires.  Should we expect him, then, to give us whatever we want?  Study the verse above, and notice in particular the first part.  When we make God the utmost delight of our life he gives us the desires of our heart.  If we delight in financial success, washboard abs, or highly accomplished children, he makes no promises.  This does not mean we are wrong for wanting these, just that God isn’t necessarily invested in making them happen for us.


Psalm 37:4 TPT Make God the utmost delight and pleasure of your life, and he will provide for you what you desire the most.


God, help me to make you the utmost delight and pleasure in my life.  I want my desires to be your desires.  I want my heart to feel your heart.

Inspirational Lifestyles: Be Still And Know – Your Heart’s Desire (March 11th) 
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