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Jamie Foxx, Vivica Fox star in Tyler Perry Spoof

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In a cinematic whirlwind that pokes fun at the likes of “Madea Goes to Jail” and “Why Did I Get Married,” “Not Another Church Movie” emerges as a rib-tickling parody comedy, offering a raucous ride through the ambitious endeavors of the lead character Taylor Pherry, played by Kevin Daniels,  and his divine mission to share his family’s tales while stirring inspiration in his community.

The plot thickens when Hoprah Windfall,  Luc Ashley.  grappling with plummeting ratings and the need for fresh content on her talk show, beseeches divine intervention from none other than the Almighty. Miraculously, Taylor Pherry emerges as the chosen one to revitalize her show. However, lurking in the shadows, the Devil , Mickey Rourke, concocts a devilish scheme to throw a wrench into the divine plan.

As Taylor juggles his myriad of jobs, primarily centered around aiding his endearing yet dysfunctional family, he receives a celestial mandate from God Himself to assist Hoprah in her quest by penning a movie.

Fox and Daniels attended a New York premiere with other cast and crew this week to unveil the movie which drops in theaters May 10th.  Radio/TV personality Jazmyn Summers was there to bring you the tea.

Known for her dramatic roles, Fox says she embraces the comedic change, particularly relishing her portrayal of Judge L’Oréal,. “For me to play Judge L’Oréal, which was a spoof of Judge Mablean, I welcomed it,”shares the veteran actress.

Kevin Daniels lauds writer-director Johnny Mack for fostering an environment where the ensemble cast could freely improvise, fostering organic humor. “You love a director that has an open mind that’ll let you ad-lib organically,” remarks Fox, echoing Daniels’ sentiment.

Regarding the film’s nod to Tyler Perry‘s cinematic universe while maintaining its distinct identity, Daniels reflects, “I think the fact that he’s built such an incredible empire of all these incredible films people have watched and loved. People want to see him take a joke. This is about celebrating him, his films, through laughter.” Fox adds, “It’s such an honor when someone does a spoof of your film.”

Both Fox and Daniels express confidence that Perry will embrace the film with enthusiasm, foreseeing no backlash from the entertainment mogul.

Vivica A Fox and Jazmyn Summers

Source: Sean Bell / Sean Bell

Directed by Johnny Mack and James Michael Cummings, “Not Another Church Movie” is a Monty the Dog Production, boasting a star-studded cast including Kevin Daniels, Vivica A. Fox, Kyla Pratt, Lamorne Morris, Tisha Campbell, Jasmine Guy, Academy Award-nominee Mickey Rourke as the Devil, and Academy Award-winner Jamie Foxx as God.

Jazmyn Summers 2024 Headshot

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Article by Jazmyn Summers. Photos by Sean Bell  and Johnny Nunez .  Follow Jaz @jaztalk1 on Instagram, and Facebook. And please don’t forget to subscribe to Jazmyn Summers’ YouTube.

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