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Janai’s Journey: From Struggle to Success at Lincoln University

In the heart of Lincoln University, Janaie Coates-Sinues sits as a true champ. The Lions’ first-ever CIAA championship win isn’t just about basketball – it’s a story of resilience, grit, and overcoming the odds. In an exclusive chat with Coates-Sinues, he shares his journey from struggles to success, both on and off the court.

Janai’s ride to success wasn’t smooth sailing. Reminiscing about his freshman year, he recalls the sting of losing early on. “I remember my freshman year losing like the first round,” Janai shares. “I knew I had to push further.”

But Janai’s journey isn’t just about hoops. Growing up in Newark, life threw him curveballs. Losing his grandma, his rock, shook his family to its core. “It was tough being away from my family,” Janai reflects. And then, tragedy struck again when he lost his mom on his birthday. “I was ready to quit ball and just work,” he admits. But basketball became his haven, helping him cope with loss and pain.

With steely resolve, Janaie Coates-Sinues found his way to Lincoln University, bringing his grit with him. Alongside his teammates, they embraced unity and perseverance. “No one can touch us when we play together,” Janai declares.

The recent CIAA championship win is historic for Lincoln University. But for Janai, it’s just the beginning. As they gear up for the regionals, he knows there’s more work to be done.

The love and support from the Lincoln University community are overwhelming. Amidst the cheers and high-fives, Janai stays grounded, knowing there’s still more to achieve. “There’s a lot more to come,” he says with a smile.

Looking ahead, Janai remains hopeful and determined. His journey is a reminder that with hard work and resilience, anything is possible. From the streets of Newark to the courts of Lincoln University, Janai’s story is one of triumph over adversity—a testament to the power of perseverance.

Janai’s Journey: From Struggle to Success at Lincoln University

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