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Kim Mulkey Vows To Sue The Washington Post Over “Hit Piece”

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Kim Mulkey Vows To Sue The Washington Post Over "Hit Piece"

Source: Eakin Howard / Getty / Kim Mulkey

LSU’s flamboyant, firebrand women’s basketball head coach Kim Mulkey has X users look at her suspiciously after she held a press conferencing, addressing a Washington Post article that is currently in the oven cooking that could potentially be damning.

Kim Mulkey is best known for her outrageous sideline fits and “in-your-face” coaching style, which has helped her win National Championships with Baylor and LSU. However, her image might suffer because of an upcoming Washington Post article.

On Saturday, March 23, Mulkey threatened legal action against The Washington Post and writer Kent Babb, claiming the paper has spent two years pursuing a “hit piece” on her. She claims The Washington Post gave her a deadline to respond to questions as she prepares her Tigers to defend their national title at this year’s NCAA Tournament.


“The lengths he has gone to try to put a hit piece together,” Mulkey said of award-winning Post reporter Kent Babb, whom she did not mention by name. “After two years of trying to get me to sit with him for an interview, he contacts LSU on Tuesday as we were getting ready for the first-round game of this tournament with more than a dozen questions, demanding a response by Thursday, right before we’re scheduled to tip off. Are you kidding me?

“This was a ridiculous deadline that LSU and I could not possibly meet, and the reporter knew it. It was just an attempt to prevent me from commenting and an attempt to distract us from this tournament. It ain’t going to work, buddy.”

Is Kim Mulkey Trying To Get Ahead of The Story?

Babb, a 14-year accomplished vet at the newspaper, confirmed he is working on a “profile” of Mulkey.

He did not further elaborate, and The Washington Post did not provide any further comments.

The 3-year LSU head coach also claims she told Babb two years ago that she did not want to be interviewed by him because she “didn’t appreciate the hit job he wrote on Brian Kelly.”

In response to Mulkey’s claims, Babb shared a link to his story with the caption “Hit piece?”

X Users Are Very Suspicious

Following the press conference, users on X, formerly Twitter, are quite suspicious of Mulkey’s behavior. If she has nothing to worry about, why is she seemingly trying to get ahead of the story?

Kim Mulkey is extremely worried about the upcoming truth-telling. So much so that she’s mistaken going on the offensive and presenting as defensive. Bonus is her inadvertently hyping this piece for the journalist,” a user on X wrote. 

Professor Melissa Murray also wrote, “Not Kim Milkey pulling a Sam Alito rebuttal!”

Kim Mulkey didn’t help her case with that press conference. What she did manage to accomplish was making people even more curious about the forthcoming The Washington Post article.

You can see more reactions in the gallery below.

LSU Head Coach Kim Mulkey Threatens To Sue The Washington Post Over Forthcoming “Hit Piece,” X Users Give Her The Side-Eye 
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1. She makes a very good point.

6. Where were you on the afternoon of Jan. 6 Ms. Mulkey?

7. A question the needs an immediate answer, LOL

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