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Nasty Work! Wendy’s Ex Seeks Back Payments For His Expenses

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It’s not expected for two people in the midst of a divorce to remain friends, or even be cordial for that matter, following the dissolution of their relationship. However, the least anyone could expect is for both parties to simply move on without ever looking back.

Of course, those rules easily fly out the window when money is involved.

That unfortunately seems to be the case for Kevin Hunter, the unfaithful ex-husband of ailing former media maven Wendy Williams, as he’s now seeking back divorce payments to cover his current living expenses.

…wait, what?


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As originally reported by The Sun, Hunter Sr. has demanded the aforementioned payments, which he argues is entitled to him based on their Marital Settlement Agreement, not only resume but also catch up on what’s past due ever since they stopped after Wendy’s guardianship placement in 2022.

More details on what this 51-year-old, able-bodied grown man wants from his ex-wife now, via The Sun:


“In the documents, Kevin said that their out-of-court mediation had failed, and that’s why he is bringing their case once again before the court.

The father of two told the court, ‘I rely on the severance pay for my living expenses and having been without this income for twenty-three months has affected me greatly.’

Wendy’s ex is also asking that the star, via her guardianship, ‘immediately pay all severance payments which may be due and owing at the time of this Court’s Order.’

Kevin is also seeking to execute documents pertaining to Wendy’s AFTRA Retirement Plan.

‘I also respectfully request that the court compel the Plaintiff to sign the Qualified Domestic Relations Order for the AFTRA Retirement Plan or in the alternative appoint me an Attorney in Fact so that I can execute the document if the Plaintiff does not sign the document within seven (7) days of this Court’s Order,’ he added.

‘I would not have to file this motion if the plaintiff did not stop my severance payments and if the plaintiff would have signed the qualified domestic relations order for the AFTRA retirement plan.’”


What makes things even more interesting is that Kevin and his team were apparently told during a December 2022 mediation meeting that Wendy simply has “no more money.” However, proof of that was never shown nor was he allowed access to her financial records.

On one hand, you can’t blame the man for pursuing what he feels is rightfully his based on a legal court ruling, especially if it results in a hefty pay day for him and his mistress-turned-current-wifey. On the other, Wendy’s net worth is far from the $20 million it once was; she’s banking more in the range of $500,000 for 2024. We’re not sure how much Kevin is expecting to get, but at least leave the little she has left for her to take care of herself and their son as she simultaneously battles dementia and aphasia. Sheesh!

Take a look below at what many are saying on social media about Kevin Hunter Sr.’s attempt to money-grab the pockets of his ex-wife Wendy Williams… yet again:


1. Kevin Hunter needs to get a job.

via @DrHypeWilliamz

2. Kevin Hunter is the worst kind of man. Not him trying to get a cut of Wendy’s retirement. Get a job f*cking loser. The day Wendy looked twice at that man was truly the worst day of her life. I can’t stand a b*tch made man 😒

via @MsKevin504

3. I thought #Maryjblige’s ex husband was the worst husband but #kevinhunter wins that prize!

via @Suziequionia57

4. Kevin Hunter is a piece of shit if I’ve never seen one.

via @PrettyMandatory

5. Kevin Hunter STILL BEGGING for Wendy’s money?!

via @nitaboogee

6. Kevin Hunter is a demon. That’s a man w/ a foul ass spirit!

via @Rem_Realer

7. Kevin Hunter is trash.

via @xoxomiya__

8. I don’t think there is a hell hot enough for #kevinhunter broke begging ass smh…. Sir? Leave #wendywilliams alone, Poor Spice

via @JenNy_TheG01

9. kevin hunter’s poor ass is still begging for wendy’s money. hang it up already bozo!

via @ChocolateRain__

10. And Fuck Kevin Hunter. All the rest of us have to work

via @KShevShe

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