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Shedeur Sanders: Four songs about his college football career

Shedeur Sanders is the latest member of Sanders’ family to enter the rap game.

The former Jackson State quarterback and current Colorado football star released his first single “Perfect Timing” earlier this week. The song is roughly two minutes long and produced by BBYJHN.

We asked ChatGPT what three possible songs would be to sum up Shedeur Sanders the college football player, and who would produce them. 

1. “Legacy in Motion”

Why It’s Applicable: This song would celebrate Shedeur’s navigation of his path while carrying the weight of his famous last name. It could delve into how he has embraced and is building upon the legacy of his father, Deion Sanders, yet also making his mark in college football.

Potential Producer: Metro Boomin – Known for his dynamic and high-energy beats that could perfectly underscore the theme of a young athlete making his legacy while under intense scrutiny.

2. “Under the Lights”

Why It’s Applicable: This track could focus on Shedeur’s moments in the spotlight, from high-pressure games to handling media attention. It would reflect on the resilience and poise required to perform at a high level in the public eye, something that he has managed exceptionally well.

Potential Producer: Hit-Boy – His ability to blend cinematic beats with gritty undertones would suit a song about the pressures and triumphs of a high-profile athlete’s life.

3. “Next Level Game”

Why It’s Applicable: Focusing on Shedeur’s growth as a player and his transition from high school to college, and potentially to the NFL, this song could explore his evolution and readiness to take his game to the next level. It could be an anthem for relentless improvement and ambition.

Potential Producer: Mustard – Known for creating catchy hooks and beats that resonate with a broad audience, Mustard’s style could highlight the aspirational and motivational aspects of Shedeur’s journey.

These song concepts and producers could ideally capture the essence of Shedeur Sanders’ journey, offering fans of both music and sports something to connect with deeply.

For kicks, we also asked the AI feature to come up with a concept about his time at Jackson State. Here’s what we got:

Shedeur SandersShedeur Sanders
Shedeur Sanders points during the SWAC Championship Game in Jackson, MS.

Song Title: “Blue & White Pride”

Why It’s Applicable: This song would celebrate Shedeur Sanders’ impactful tenure as the quarterback at Jackson State University. It could highlight his role in leading the Tigers to significant victories, spotlighting key moments like winning the SWAC championships. The lyrics could also delve into how he’s become a symbol of hope and pride for the JSU community, embodying the spirit and resilience of the team.

Potential Producer: Zaytoven – Known for his melodic, trap-infused beats that carry an energetic and motivational vibe. Zaytoven’s style could bring out the pride and community spirit of Jackson State University, making the track a spirited anthem for JSU fans and students.

Shedeur Sanders: Four songs about his college football career

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