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Tanner Adell Manifested Her Way To Beyoncé’s ‘Cowboy Carter’

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Country baddie Tanner Adell’s feature on Beyoncé’s “Act 2: Cowboy Carter” is a message in manifesting. Not only did the 27-year-old envision working with the Renaissance artist one day, but she repeatedly spoke her dreams into existence.

In 2023, she proclaimed herself “Beyoncé with a lasso” in her chart-topping song, “Buckle Bunny.” And following Queen Bey’s February announcement of entering the country music world, Tanner spoke up again in hopes of working on the new project. 

Tanner Adell tells Instagram, “Beyoncé raised her.”

Fast-forward to now: She is one of several country artists featured on “Cowboy Carter.” In addition to Brittney Spencer, Tiera Kennedy, and Reyna Roberts, she has a featured solo on “Blackbiird.” She also sings backup on “Ameriican Requiem.”

Working with Beyoncé marks the first collab of the young artist’s career. “I always say Beyoncé raised me,” Tannell writes on Instagram.

She continued pouring her manifestation into fans, saying, “The last two years in Nashville, I have kept my head down, counted all my blessings big and small, and tried to perfect this craft of my artistry. When I saw Renaissance last summer, I knew I was NOT working hard enough. I was reminded again watching the Renaissance documentary. I sat in that theatre bawling my eyes out and said out loud, I will work with Beyoncé in 2024.”

So, who is Tanner Adell?

Tanner is a fabulous force taking country music by storm. Growing up loving music, the artist caught the entertainment bug early. After taking up the piano, she taught herself how to play the guitar and attended the Utah Valley University program for Commercial Music. She eventually moved to Nashville – often considered the heart of country music – to immerse herself in the culture, pursue her dreams, and help propel her career.

The move worked. Since then, Tanner has signed to Columbia Records, released her debut album, “Buckle Bunny,” in 2023, and earned a spot in CMT’s 2024 Next Women of Country class.

What makes Tanner arguably most intriguing is her diverse background. She is bi-racial and a native of Lexington, Kentucky. Tanner was adopted by a California family with roots throughout the West Coast. 

The “Love You a Little Bit” singer is a fluent Swedish speaker, a former Mormon, and a horse rider. She doesn’t fit into one mold – and that uniqueness has made her unstoppable. 

Tanner is a “Glam Country” girl who has always been that way.

Tanner embodies a term she’s coined: “Glam Country.” The moniker comes from a blend of high fashion, western roots, and rodeo magic. 

Tanner talked to BET about her interests, noting her unique perspective on country music, fashion, and entertainment. “It’s made me the artist that I am today, which is a hundred percent glam country. I absolutely love western wear and western fashion, and I absolutely love high fashion as well,” Tanner told the outlet.

She continued, “Combining both worlds has been so fun for me, but I don’t see how I could have ended up anywhere else.”   

We love to see the collaboration, manifestation, and fulfillment of purpose! Tanner, we are all taking notes.


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