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Tennessee allows guns in schools, woes of FBI agents & more

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Sybil Wilkes Top 5 Stories for ‘What You Need To Know:’ May 3, 2024

1. Tennessee Lawmakers More Concerned about Cash in Their Coffers than Blood on Their Hands

Color elementary classroom


What You Need to Know:

 A controversial law is now in place in Tennessee that will allow faculty and staff to carry concealed handguns in K-12 public schools. Last week’s passage was the largest expansion of access to guns in that state since last year’s mass shooting in a Nashville private grammar school. State lawmakers promised to take action after three children and three school employees were killed last year at the Covenant School. 

Supporters of the new law say this will improve school safety. Opponents, including scores of protesters at the state Capitol, were on hand as the bill made its way through the General Assembly. In scenes reminiscent of a year ago following the Covenant shootings, Tennesseans yelled from the gallery,  “Blood on your hands!”

2. Biden Continues Push for Tuition-Free Community College

President Biden speaks on Investing In America Agenda


Biden Continues Push for Tuition-Free Community College


What You Need to Know:



President Biden is persisting in his efforts to establish nationwide tuition-free community college, rekindling the proposal amid discussions on student loan forgiveness. Advocates argue that free college offers a more comprehensive solution to the college affordability crisis compared to loan forgiveness, with growing bipartisan support.

While federal action on free college remains pending, states have taken the lead, with 35 states implementing their own tuition-free programs. These initiatives primarily offer “last-dollar” scholarships to cover remaining tuition and fees after existing financial aid.

3.  Why Are Black Women Losing Their Jobs?

Close-up of wooden clothespin on wooden table


 Why Are Black Women Losing Their Jobs?

 What You Need to Know:


According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the Black unemployment rate hit a new high in March 2024. It is 6.4% for us, while the rate has decreased to 3.8 overall. But when it comes to Black women, the situation is even more concerning. Our unemployment rate went from 4.4% to 5.6%.

People of Color in Tech reported, “In past business cycles, Black workers have been the last to be hired during expansions and first fired during contractions, so an increase in the Black unemployment rate is eye-catching to forecasters,” from Comerica Bank.

But if you look closely, we are represented in every industry where layoffs occur.

4. Anti-Gay Restrictions Advance in Alabama

LGBT rainbow heart. Pride Month concept.


Anti-Gay Restrictions Advance in Alabama


What You Need to Know:



A bill aimed at furthering restrictions on discussions of “gender identity or sexual orientation” in public schools is progressing in the Alabama legislature, passing the state House on Tuesday. 

Currently in Alabama, the HB130 law states that classrooms in kindergarten through the fifth grade “shall not engage in classroom discussion or provide classroom instruction regarding sexual orientation or gender identity in a manner that is not age appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards.”

The bill would expand this restriction to eighth grade and prohibit flags symbolizing sexual orientations or gender identities in K-12 schools. HB130 prohibits public school employees from wearing and displaying flags or other items related to LGBTQ topics on school property.

5. Frustrated With the Dating Scene? Consider The HelpMeet Club

Couple, wine and cheers in nightclub with celebration for anniversary date, support or birthday event or happy. Interracial, woman and man with alcohol toast for promotion, success and smile in pub


Frustrated With the Dating Scene? Consider The HelpMeet Club


What You Need to Know:


If you’re in the dating market and not having much luck finding that special someone on apps or other avenues, then it may be time to consider a matchmaker. Meet Shaneeka McCray, a Black matchmaker and the founder of The HelpMeet Club, a dating service for professionals.

The HelpMeet Club is for clients who are stuck, can’t attract what they desire, convinced they will never get married, scared to date again after heartbreak, doesn’t trust their dating judgement and are willing to make an emotional and financial investment, according to the website. Clients who typically earn anywhere from $75,000 to $1 million per year – including doctors, attorneys and entrepreneurs – can create a profile, complete a questionnaire, sign up for a 12-month subscription and connect with other professionals looking to meet their relationships goals. 

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