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Tennessee State University unveils first HBCU hockey jersey

Tennessee State University unveils first HBCU hockey jersey

Tennessee State University has just unveiled the inagural jerseys of the first HBCU ice hockey team in history. 

TSU head coach Duante’ Abercrombie unveiled TSU’s 2025-26 home jerseys during the Roar City panel at the 67th TSUNAA Convention on campus.

The jersey is primarily blue, with red and white accents that add to its vibrant appearance. On the back of the jersey, the last name and the number are displayed in bold white letters and numbers, bordered with red, making them stand out against the blue background.

The front of the jersey showcases a fierce, stylized tiger head, symbolizing the Tennessee State University Tigers, printed in white and outlined with red. This logo is centered on the chest, drawing immediate attention. The jersey includes traditional hockey laces at the neckline, enhancing its authentic hockey look. The sleeves are adorned with red and white stripes, adding to the overall aesthetic and balance of the design.

Additionally, the TSU abbreviation is visible on the sleeves, further emphasizing school pride. The jersey combines classic hockey style elements with the bold visual identity of Tennessee State University, making it a unique and eye-catching piece of athletic apparel that proudly represents TSU’s spirit and tradition.

Abercrombie, a graduate of Hampton University, was named the program’s head coach in April. TSU will be the first HBCU to participate in ice hockey when it takes the ice in late 2025. It already has its first commitment.

Tennessee State University unveils first HBCU hockey jersey

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