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Truth Hurts Braves Sea Sickness For 1st ‘Fantastic Voyage’

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Although the waves have long subsided on Tom Joyner’s 2024 Fantastic Voyage cruise, we’ve only just began to roll out everything that went down on the ship throughout the week!

The next few “My First Time” stories might even look a bit familiar, as we took a few tales from some of the many famous patrons enjoying the sea right along with our team on deck. Take singer Truth Hurts for example — “Addictive” still hits in the club, by the way! — who was joining the Fantastic Voyage for the very first time.


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Of course, we figured it made for the perfect “MFT” story to share. What we didn’t expect was for her to get all the way real about the motion sickness she was feeling during her time on the sea. Hey…the truth hurts, right?

Thankfully, not only did she get down with the sickness but braved it long enough to give a stellar performance (seen above) and share the story with us with laughs when the waves weren’t getting the best of her.

Take a look at Truth Hurts telling it like it is on this week’s “My First Time” below, coming to you from the 2024 Fantastic Voyage cruise:



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