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Who Is Hailey Welch AKA The Hawk Tuah Girl?

Who Is Hailey Welch AKA The Hawk Tuah Girl?

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Hailey Welch aka Hawk Tuah Girl

Hailey Welch joins a long list of online sensations that have emerged over the years due to her now-ubiquitous sound clip explaining her “Hawk Tuah” technique. Now almost universally known as the Hawk Tuah Girl, Hailey Welch is living the life of a mini-celebrity but what exactly is the craze all about?

We have content creators Tim & Dee TV for bringing Hailey Welch to the masses. In one of their videos that was filmed in Nashville, Tenn., the hosts of the channel are walking around a rather popping venue asking women what is their go-to move in the bedroom to make a man “go crazy” in their words.

It appears that many of the young women in the video were pretty proud of their, ahem, oral abilities as that seemed to be a common refrain. However, things went all the way left with the 21-year-old Welch, who appeared to be a little lit, creating the viral moment that will live forever and has sparked several zany memes.

“You gotta give ’em that ‘hawk tuah’ and spit on that thang, you get me?” exclaimed Welch, and the trend was born.

With all the buzz surrounding her, several outlets have scrambled to get Welch’s story and learn more about the woman behind the phrase.

What has been learned is that Welch is from the Volunteer State although she hasn’t been explicit about where her hometown but there is no denying her distinct accent. Welch also isn’t a schoolteacher as has been reported and confirmed that she worked at a spring factory in her home state before recently quitting. According to an interview she did with the Plan Bri podcast with host Brianna LaPaglia, and shared some details about her sudden rise to fame.

Of course, Welch is having to deal with the weirdos and folks pretending to be her online. Welch explained that she long ago deleted all of her social media accounts but that hasn’t stopped the mouth breathers in some dank basement from attempting to seize on her moment for whatever odd reasons they have.

Tim & Dee TV is milking the moment for views as well and is selling merch with the phrase. We weren’t able to uncover the details of Welch’s business with the content creators but in the Plan Bri chat, Welch revealed that she’s working with Jason Poteete of Fathead Threads on merch and was clear in saying Poteete is giving her a substantial cut of the profits of the official Hawk Tuah line. However, some strange person asked Poteete to get Welch to spit in a jar for $600, a request she found revolting.

There have been debunked rumors that Welch signed with the UTA talent agency. However, she has confirmed she has a manager and team behind her now. Welch was also spotted with the likes of Shaquille O’Neal, who took photos with her during his recent DJ gig in Nashville.

It isn’t known what’s next for Hailey Welch but considering her fun energy and southern charm, she’ll be expected to land a deal somewhere for appearances and more.

Photo: Screenshot / Tim & Dee TV

Who Is Hailey Welch AKA The Hawk Tuah Girl? 
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