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Woman On X Pops Up Kevin Samuels, X Drags Her

Woman On X Pops Up Kevin Samuels, X Drags Her

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Kevin Samuels

Kevin Samuels was a polarizing social media figure whose brash advice towards men and especially women, garnered fame and criticism. Recently on X, formerly Twitter, a woman shared that Kevin Samuels was instrumental in her accepting the fact she may never find romantic love. Still, users on the social media platform are letting her know that the type of woman Samuels was found with may have been the same type of woman he routinely criticized.

X user @Mila_Tequilaa wrote on Independence Day (July 4) the following.

“Kevin Samuels taught me to accept the reality of being a single mother. The dating pool shrinks significantly, and I’m not first choice. It’s not a bad thing, just reality. Made my bed, I gotta lay in it… with somebody’s son who chooses me,” she wrote.

Immediately, other folks on X began to seize on her words, especially in the quote reply section, reminding the woman that Samuels was found dead with a woman he didn’t make an honest woman if the rumors online are true. There were even talks that the person was a so-called “working woman” but the person did go public in 2022 to explain that she was a high-earning woman from the Midwest but little else about her has been revealed since.

Kevin Samuels passed away on May 5, 2022, in his Atlanta apartment. The woman mentioned above was with him and tried to revive Samuels but was unsuccessful. According to reports, Samuels was a two-time divorcee and had one child from his first marriage.

He was 53.

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Woman Says Kevin Samuels Taught Her About Dating, Xitter Reminds Her Of His Untimely Fate 
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