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Alabama State University Announces Women’s Flag Football Addition

Alabama State University‘s Department of Athletics is proud to announce that it is launching a competitive women’s flag football program during the 2024-25 academic year.  

The University is doing so because of the incredible interest there is at both the collegiate and global level for women’s flag football, explained ASU PresidentDr. Quinton T. Ross, Jr.

“The International Olympic Committee recently included men’s and women’s flag football in the 2028 Los Angeles Olympic Games and likewise, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is closely monitoring the emerging sport of women’s flag football,” said President Ross.

“Adding this program to our institution allows Alabama State University to align its sports offerings to the global standard and the future of an emerging sport. The addition of women’s flag football will provide both current and incoming students a valuable opportunity to further their education while participating on the gridiron.” 

According to the National Football League (NFL), flag football’s official numbers concerning student participation by women, ages 6 to 12 years, have increased by 38 percent since 2015. In the U.S., approximately 474,000 young women played flag football last year; an increase of more than 60 percent from 2019. Over 85 high schools in Alabama alone have initiated flag football in their athletic programs and they held its first state championship in December of last year.

The University’s athletic directorDr. Jason Cable, shared that he and the Hornet Nation’s athletic program is proud to be adding women’s flag football to its intercollegiate athletics sports offerings.

“We look forward to doing our part at The Alabama State University to assist in growing the sport locally and regionally. We can’t wait to see the impact of women’s flag football as one of our sports offerings for the Hornet Nation’s student-athletes,” Cable commented.

“We’re enthusiastic that Alabama State University is breaking new ground by launching a highly competitive women’s flag football program. The University recognizes the immense interest in women’s flag football at the collegiate level and is proud to offer its students a valuable opportunity to excel in the sport.” 

Cable believes that increasing participation in flag football by young women promotes healthy living and valuable life skills for those playing the game. “Flag football is a fantastic way for young women to develop their social skills, as well as their athletic abilities, while also encouraging exercise and physical fitness,” stated Cable.

“The University is proud to be the first Division 1 Historically Black College and Universities (HBCUs) school to offer a women’s flag football program.” 

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