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Cheating With Respect? NeNe’s ‘Rules’ To Infidelity Sparks Debate

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Even though monogamy is typically the name of the game when it comes to being in a committed relationship, the deceitful act of cheating has unfortunately become so commonplace that one might believe it’s actually part of the dating process.

But wait, could it be though?

Reality star Nene Leakes got many people talking this week after a viral Instagram Live session with famed reality TV producer Carlos King where she listed her “rules” when it comes to committing infidelity.



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Slyly coined as “respectfully cheating,” the practice isn’t actually that rare at all in the grand scheme of things. Back in 2012 for example, our friends over at MadameNoire — Happy Black Women’s History Month over there, ladies! — posed a question to their readers based around advice that Chrissy Lampkin gave to Emily B. regarding her rocky relationship with Fabolous in the Season 2 finale of Love & Hip-Hop (“At The End of the Day”; 2/23/12). “A man is gonna do what he’s gonna do, but he needs to be smart enough and loyal enough for you to never see it or feel it,” Lampkin boldly said, going on to infamously add, “I’m not accepting and I’m not blind; I’m just realistic. I know that things happen, but you better not ever let me find out. Ever, ever, ever, ever.”

It appears NeNe adapts the same rhetoric as Chrissy, as she told Carlos, “If you’re going to cheat, you need to do it with respect.” In her words, she believes a sidepiece should stay within “50 feet” from the main woman and simply never approach the man in public altogether. Additionally, posting on social media is apparently a huge no-no. While it’s not clear if she’s making a reference to her current on-again/off-again significant other, Nyoneisela Sioh, she did follow-up after things started going viral by posting to her Instagram story, “If you are a side piece chick out here, I think you need to love yourself just a little bit more! Me…I am number 1 or NO number at all [sic].”

Take notes, pumpkin eaters!



Is there ever room for “respectful cheating” in a relationship, particularly yours? See what’s being said on social media below and let us know your thoughts as well:


1. Ain’t no such thing as respectful cheating Nene lost her damn mind


2. Nene is crazy, I would never publicly talk abt how“respectful cheating is okay with me” nd post it. Whether it is ok or not. Never show ya hand like that.

via @_SlymJim

3. Nene Leakes is crazy bc why is “cheating and “respect” in the same sentence? LOL

via @esteeeni

4. Respectful cheating never heard of that

via @Kingquis38

5. https://twitter.com/kiss_my_grits01/status/1775486759960219960

via @kiss_my_grits01

6. But there are strict parameters to cheating for me. Like nene and carlos was saying earlier… lying to the side, consistent communication, frequency, actively pursuing bitches… like in decency and in order. And make sure i can’t tell or find out

via @joslannnn

7. Wasn’t NeNe a side piece with her boyfriend at one point? Didn’t the now ex-wife name her in court docs. 😭😭😭

via @GirlGurl26

8. Nene said if he gonna cheat he gotta do it with respect😭😭😭 girl you is old and lost!

via @Radinehaley_

9. Nene ain’t lie if you’re going to cheat do it respectfully y’all be so MESSYYYY doing it. Why do I even know these other women exist hun? Thats not P at alllllll

via @sosolitooo

10. … ok girl, well let’s see how you feel about “respectful cheating” when your man does it to you 🙄

via @_heiferplease

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