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Hackathon for Social Change: Empower, Innovate, Transform

Participants engaging in brainstorming at the Hackathon for Social Change event.

Imagine a weekend not just marked by innovation but defined by it, where technology isnʼt just a tool but a testament to justice. This vision comes to life at the Hackathon for Social Change, hosted by WIN Network, RISE, and WE in the World at Harris-Stowe State University. Itʼs more than an event; itʼs a revolution where barriers are dismantled and solutions for a more equitable world are built from the ground up.

Meet Andrew Martin: The Architect of Change

Portrait of Drew Martin, Director of Strategic Partnerships, smiling in a library.

Leading the charge into this transformative weekend is Andrew (Drew) Martin, the dynamic Director of Strategic Partnerships at WE in the World. Driven by a profound commitment to social justice, Martin is not just an organizer; he’s a beacon of change. “I was born and raised and did a lot of my social change work on the south and west sides of Chicago,” Martin recounts, tracing his path from grassroots activism to spearheading global initiatives for equity.

The No-Code Wave: Tech for All Trailblazers

“Why just code when you can create?ˮ Drew Martin poses, spotlighting the hackathonʼs groundbreaking no-code philosophy. This innovative approach welcomes every thinker and dreamer, ensuring that the only requirement for participation is a vision for justice, not a resume filled with coding credentials.

Young Minds, Big Impact: The Future is Now

“Dreamers today, leaders tomorrow,ˮ Martin declares, emphasizing the hackathonʼs focus on youth engagement. He views the younger generation not just as participants but as pioneers, armed with the creativity and courage needed to challenge and change systemic injustices.

HBCUs: Where Heritage Meets Innovation

Reflecting on the significance of HBCUs, Martin notes, “I have a ton of family members who have [attended HBCUs]… just so much love and respect for our Historically Black Colleges and Universities.ˮ Hosting the hackathon at Harris-Stowe State University underscores the pivotal role these institutions play in nurturing future leaders committed to justice and equity.

Together We Rise: Building Bridges with Tech

“This is what we need to tap into,ˮ Martin explains, emphasizing the importance of harnessing technology for social good. The hackathon fosters collaboration among participants, mentors, and industry leaders to prototype ideas that address systemic barriers to equality.

Partnerships with Purpose: A Collective Quest for Equity

Choosing St. Louis and Harris-Stowe State University as the backdrop for this event was no accident. “Itʼs a rally, not just a gathering,ˮ Martin explains, underscoring the significance of collaboration between WIN Network, RISE, WE in the World, and the local community in amplifying the hackathon’s impact.

Join the Revolution: Your Invitation to Innovate

“This is more than an event; itʼs a movement,ˮ Martin passionately declares, calling on students, alumni, and all advocates for justice to step into the arena of change. The Hackathon for Social Change is your platform to innovate, impact, and inspire a more equitable future.

Participants share insights during a breakout session at the Hackathon for Social Change.

Ready to Make a Difference? Sign up for the Hackathon for Social Change

The stage is set for innovation, justice, and transformation at the Hackathon for Social Change. If you’re ready to turn your vision for a more equitable world into action, this is your moment. Whether you’re a thinker, creator, or dreamer, your unique perspective is invaluable in this collective quest for change.

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this groundbreaking event. Register now or get more involved by visiting the Hackathon for Social Change Eventbrite page below:

Secure Your Spot at the Hackathon for Social Change

Dive into a weekend of collaboration, creativity, and community at Harris-Stowe State University, hosted by the dynamic teams at WIN Network, RISE, and WE in the World. Together, let’s hack the system for the better. Your journey towards making an impactful difference starts here.

See you at the revolution!

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