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‘Scary Movie’ Reboot Announced, Fans Want Wayans Bros Back

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"Scary Movie 2" premieres in LA

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Almost a quarter of a century ago — sorry, had to make a few of you feel a little old there, too! — one of the most hilarious, albeit explicitly immature forms of cinematic parody was released in theaters with The Wayans Bros’ literal 2000 Black comedy, Scary Movie.

Serving as a mashup of the many teen slasher films that took over the mid-to-late 1990s — Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer and respective sequels for both films served as main material for jokes —  the film’s success led to a 2001 sequel, another in 2003, a fourth in 2006 and one final film (to date) that released just over a decade ago in 2013.

It now appears that a new film will soon be arriving as early as next year, but there’s one thing many fans are hoping returns along with the reboot: Keenen, Marlon and Shawn!









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Here’s what we know so far on the upcoming Scary Movie reboot, via Variety:

“Paramount Pictures announced that it is partnering with ‘Fast and Furious’ mega-producer Neal H. Moritz to resurrect the dormant franchise. ‘Scary Movie’ is going into production in the fall of 2024, and should hit theaters in 2025. The series spawned five previous films before running out of gas with the 2013 installment. But horror has continued to be a major force at the box office, with movies like ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s,’ ‘Smile’ and ‘M3GAN’ drawing big crowds. So there’s a lot of new material for the ‘Scary Movie’ team to parody.”

The Scary Movie reboot will remain under Miramax with Paramount handling distribution as part of its first-look partnership. Unfortunately it doesn’t appear The Wayans Bros have been invited back so far, or any original cast members for that matter. That could change by fall 2024 for sure, and we certainly hope so; it’s doesn’t look like Marlon, Shawn or Keenen left the franchise on their own volition.

Marlon actually told Kevin Hart, who co-starred in Scary Movie 3 and Scary Movie 4, that the franchise was “snatched” from them. He elaborated in the 2021 episode of Hart’s Comedy Gold Minds by stating, “We didn’t walk away from a franchise. [The Weinstein Company] didn’t want to make our deal, and they snatched it.” Getting more graphic, he added, “If The Art Of War was real, then they would be the Dynasty that raped and pillaged villages; that’s just the way they did their business.”



The full conversation is interesting and worth tuning in for, especially as Marlon proposed the idea of filing a lawsuit for damages lost in the years since they last were involved in the franchise on Scary Movie 2 in 2001. While the third and fourth films still had Anna Faris and Regina Hall as co-stars loyal to the franchise, the fifth film failed to include any of the core characters save for Charlie Sheen and Simon Rex. Snoop Dogg and the late Mac Miller do make memorable cameos though, as does Katt Williams.

Fingers crossed it doesn’t get legal and the series can simply get back to its core!

Another Scary Movie film without The Wayans Bros? See what many are saying on social media below, and let us know your thoughts as well:


1. how to make the new scary movie a success in 4 simple steps

via @evildeadthing

2. Regina Hall playing a version of Tess from Barbarian in the new scary movie please! “HELL NO I AINT GOING DOWN DEM STAIRS” 😂

via @heyjaeee

3. Anna Faris and Regina Hall’s comedic chemistry is unmatched. We need them back in the Scary Movie reboot

via @Ktc8dog

4. Need him in the Scary Movie reboot/legacy sequel or else…

via @jordanpeelefan

5. I’m getting less excited about a SCARY MOVIE reboot because I’m realizing today’s weak generation can’t even handle the comedy of the originals. The dark comedy set up by the Wayans is what made the first 2 movies so great. Just like PG-13 horror, I don’t want a safe SCARY MOVIE.

via @britneyvinyl

6. We need the Wayan Bros back for the Scary Movie franchise re up or else they can keep it

via @jordanpeelefan

7. Marlon Wayans said he’s ready to return to the Scary Movie franchise and now we are getting a reboot 🔥

via @KDotTKL

8. a scary movie reboot is not possible without the wayan brothers, anna faris and regina hall all back together. if they’re all not back on board, WE DONT WANT IT.

via @bradleyberdecia

9. They shoulda left this deleted scene in Scary Movie 💀😭

via @mane5150

10. A ‘Scary Movie’ reboot without the Wayans involved?

via @travisfromdabk_

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