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Thurgood Marshall College Fund Relaunches HBCU-Driven Executive Search Initiative

The Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF) is relaunching TM² Executive Search (TM²), a strategic initiative to support Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), Historically Black Community Colleges (HBCCs), and Predominantly Black Institutions (PBIs) in attracting and retaining exceptional leadership talent.

“The relaunch of TM² is a significant step forward in the TMCF commitment to strengthen the leadership and operational excellence of HBCUs and PBIs across the nation,” Dr. Dakota Doman, executive director and managing principal of TM² Executive Search, said.

“Traditional search firms may not fully grasp the nuances and richness of HBCU cultures, whereas TM² is a beacon of excellence, affordability, and understanding.”     

According to UNCF, despite enrolling only 8% of all African American students in higher education, HBCUs graduate 17% of all African American students earning bachelor’s degrees. However, HBCUs receive only about 3% of philanthropic contributions to higher education, highlighting a critical fiscal deficit that impacts their ability to provide quality education and leadership development.

One-of-a-kind initiatives like TM² are committing to bridging this gap and diversifying how HBCU leadership acquisition looks in our nation’s professional and community sectors.

“TM² Executive Search represents a pioneering shift in the landscape of leadership acquisition, particularly within HBCUs environment, where the need for diverse, dynamic, and culturally resonant leadership has never been more pronounced,” Dr. Doman tells us.

“Unlike traditional search firms that often operate on conventional recruitment paradigms, TM² Executive Search stands out by embedding itself into the unique ethos and values that HBCUs uphold.” 

The power initiative leverages the extensive TMCF network, expertise, and deep understanding of HBCUs to ensure institutions have access to a diverse pool of highly qualified candidates for key positions within their institutions.

As a part of the broader TMCF strategy, TM² plans to support the sustainability and growth of HBCUs, HCCUs, and PBIs. The insider perspective of this initiative helps address the needs and challenges of our colleges and universities while identifying and attracting leaders genuinely aligned with the mission, culture, and aspirations of those storied institutions.   

“Through enhancing leadership capacity, we can contribute to the vitality, competitiveness, and innovation of these vital institutions,” Doman said. “Competitive advantages TM² hold include cost-effective solutions, unmatched quality, and expertise, tailored search strategies, and a partnership model committed to transparency, collaboration and mutual respect.”   

TM² will also offer leadership assessment, board training, and transition/succession plan services. “This firm is not only a participant in the search for excellence; we are pioneers, advocates, and partners to elevate leadership at HBCUs, HBCCs, and PBIs,” Doman said.

To learn more, visit tm2search.com

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