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Top 8 Must-See Events in Baltimore

Last Updated on February 23, 2024

Female and male basketball players in action with CIAA Tournament logo and Baltimore 2024 backdrop.

A Celebration of Sports, Culture, and Community

Get Ready to Experience the Excitement in Baltimore!

The 2024 Food Lion CIAA Men’s and Women’s Basketball Tournament is not just a showcase of top-tier athletic talent; it’s a vibrant celebration of HBCU culture and community spirit. This year, we’re gearing up for an unforgettable experience from February 26 to March 3 at the CFG Bank Arena in Baltimore, Maryland.

Why Baltimore? The Perfect Host for CIAA Tournament

Baltimore, a city that honors and amplifies Black culture, is once again the proud host of the CIAA Basketball Tournament. As one of the top 10 cities in the U.S. with the highest percentage of Black or African-American residents, Baltimore provides the perfect backdrop for this historic event, blending sports, culture, and community engagement into one thrilling week.

A Look at the 2024 Tournament

This year, we’re not just celebrating basketball; we’re marking several milestones:

  • The 50th Anniversary of NCAA Division II.
  • The 20th Anniversary of the Mister and Miss CIAA Scholarship Competition.
  • The 30th Anniversary of Food Lion’s alliance with the CIAA.

The tournament will feature 26 basketball showdowns, broadcast exclusively on ESPN+ with the championship games on ESPNU. Fans can expect not only high-stakes games but also A-list performances, step shows, and more.

A World Beyond the Court: Diverse Events at the 2024 CIAA Basketball Tournament

The CIAA Basketball Tournament is an experience that extends far beyond the thrill of the games. It’s a cultural fest, an educational hub, and a networking haven, all rolled into one exhilarating week. Here’s a closer look at the diverse events that make the CIAA tournament a must-attend:

  • Fan Fest: This is where the heart of the tournament beats the loudest. Fan Fest is a vibrant mix of live music, entertainment, and interactive experiences. It’s a place where fans of all ages come together to celebrate their love for basketball and HBCU culture. Expect performances from top artists, engaging booths, and plenty of opportunities to show your team spirit.
  • High School Education Day: Dedicated to inspiring the next generation, this event connects high school students with HBCUs from across the nation. Students can explore educational opportunities, attend workshops, and get valuable insights into college life at Black Colleges. It’s a day of learning, motivation, and forward-thinking.
  • CIAA Career Expo: Perfect for current students and recent graduates, the Career Expo is a gateway to potential job opportunities and internships. Major companies and organizations come ready to recruit, offering a rare chance to network, submit resumes, and learn about different career paths.
  • Super Saturday: A day packed with excitement, Super Saturday features the crowning of Mister and Miss CIAA, along with scholarship presentations. It’s a celebration of academic excellence and community service, highlighting outstanding individuals who embody the spirit of HBCUs.
  • The John B. McClendon Jr. CIAA Hall of Fame Breakfast: An event that honors the legends of the past, this breakfast is a tribute to the athletes, coaches, and contributors who have significantly impacted the CIAA. It’s a moment to reflect on the rich history and legacy of HBCU sports.
  • CIAA Legends of Hip Hop Party: This event brings together fans for a night of music and dance. Featuring performances by hip-hop legends, it’s a perfect blend of nostalgia and contemporary beats, celebrating the music that has shaped generations.
  • Greek Step Shows: A staple of HBCU culture, the Greek Step Shows are a display of rhythm, coordination, and team spirit. Sororities and fraternities compete, showcasing their talent and creativity in one of the most anticipated events of the week.
  • Town Halls and Symposiums: Focusing on topics like technology, finance, health, and mental wellness, these sessions provide valuable insights and discussions led by experts in various fields. They offer a platform for learning, debate, and the exchange of ideas.

These events collectively create an atmosphere that’s electric, educational, and empowering. They embody the spirit of the CIAA – a celebration of athletic prowess, academic achievement, and the enduring strength of the HBCU community.

CIAA Basketball Tournament FAQs

Where will the CIAA Basketball Tournament be in 2024?

The 2024 CIAA Basketball Tournament will be held at the CFG Bank Arena in Baltimore, Maryland. It’s a vibrant venue that promises an exciting experience for all attendees.

How long will the CIAA be in Baltimore?

The 2024 tournament marks the CIAA’s 4th consecutive year in Baltimore. The city has been a fantastic host, celebrating the rich culture and excitement of the CIAA Basketball Tournament.

Who won the CIAA championship in 2023?

The winning teams from the 2023 CIAA Men’s and Women’s Basketball Championship Tournaments were Elizabeth City State University for the women’s tournament and Winston-Salem State for the men’s tournament. These teams showcased exceptional skill and sportsmanship, reflecting the high competitive spirit of CIAA basketball.

What teams are in the CIAA basketball tournament?

The CIAA Basketball Tournament features teams from 13 member institutions, including Elizabeth City State, Lincoln (PA), Bowie State, Fayetteville State, and Shaw University. Each team brings unique strengths and competitive energy, making the tournament a must-watch event.

What are some key events and activities to do in Baltimore during the CIAA tournament?

Alongside the basketball games, attendees can enjoy a range of events like Fan Fest, High School Education Day, and the CIAA Career Expo. For more details on events and activities, visit CIAA Tournament Official Website.

How can I stay updated on the CIAA Basketball Tournament?

For the latest updates, schedules, and news about the CIAA Basketball Tournament, visit CIAA Official Website.

Experience Baltimore: A City of Culture and History

While in Baltimore for the CIAA basketball tournament, immerse yourself in the city’s rich cultural tapestry. From historical sites to modern attractions, there’s something for everyone in Charm City. Don’t miss out on the chance to explore and create lasting memories.

Join the Celebration

The 2024 CIAA Basketball Tournament is more than just games; it’s a platform for HBCU students and graduates to celebrate their culture, achievements, and community spirit. Meet us in Baltimore for a week of sports, education, networking, and entertainment!

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